What Makes A Good Bottle Warmer and The Best Bottles For Breastfeeding?

Mothers are advised to ensure that they breastfeed their babies in an effort to allow their babies grow healthy. This is because breast milk comes with the right nutrition, at the right temperatures and the consistency is just right. There is no need for any preparations when breastfeeding. However, as the child grows, mothers have much more to attend to and in many cases, they have to get back to work. In this, breastfeeding is limited and they need to find alternatives that will still ensure that their babies remain healthy. The consideration of using feeding bottles comes in handy.

Feeding best bottles for newborns come in various features and styles. However, it can be confusing when seeking to purchase one that will meet your needs and those of the baby. The age of the baby must be put into consideration and it is also advisable to buy a feeding bottle that is safe for your baby. In this, it must meet all the safety standards as provided. Babies are sensitive and every mother would love to know that their baby is safe and hygienic.

Top 3 Breast Pums:

The market is filled with different types of feeding bottle in different brands, models, and shapes and sizes. In this, it can be difficult to settle for one product especially if you are a first time mother. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and they seek to meet their functionality uses different mechanisms to meet your objectives as well as that of your baby. However, to help ease your search as you look to find the best feeding bottle rather than consume a lot of time and energy trying to move from one retail shop or site to site hoping to keep track of all the possible offers you can work with. The products have features that will ease the entire feeding process and indicate why they provide the best bottles for breastfeeding. They include:

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote

This pump is the ideal pump that every mother on the go should consider. It ensures you do not experience spills thanks to its built in bottle holders that ensure it is securely placed into position. It is convenient as you may plug it in for power or use AA batteries. It features a 2-phase expression technology, which makes it convenient as it allows for fast milk expression and you are on your way out in no time. All you have to do is press a button and you can relax away. It is safe for use as it is BPA free. It comes complete with an AC adapter, battery pack, ice pack, an insulated cooler bag, 5-ounce breast milk bottles, breast shields measuring 24mm, as well as a tote bag with an integrated motor unit.

2. Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump, 3.3 Pound

This breast pump is ideal for every mother. When it is time to express, this equipment remains comfortable. This is because you can adjust its suction capabilities to what you prefer. Due to its speeds and comfort, you can express enough milk for your baby in one go. You can also express enough to be stored for later use. It is also efficient as it allows for double pumping which allows mothers express from both breasts at the same time with the same performance. It is convenient as it light in eight making it a great travel companion.

If you are looking for a pump that will ensure your baby’s bottles remain clean and hygienic, this one features closed system so that your baby bottles are not exposed to harmful microorganisms. It also features a timer so that you know exactly when you are required to express more milk. This feature is ideal for mothers who express frequently through the day. It features a digital display, which serves as a night light so you can efficiently pump in the night when need be. Other advantages are that it is super quiet and it allows adjustability to boost comfort and functionality.

3.Medela Breastpump – Swing

Medela Breastpump - Swing

This product is made of plastic material, which makes it light and easy to use, as it only weighs 2 pounds. It is BPA free, which makes it safe for your child. It also allows for breast milk expression so you can easily express and store milk for your baby to drink it later when you are not around. In addition, it holds sufficient amounts of milk even for an older baby so you do not have to wonder whether your baby is not hungry and run out of milk. It is a great travel companion as it is one of the smallest and lightweight pumps that allow for 2-phase pumping. It is also easy to position, with the ability to either attach it to your pocket or you can hang it from your neck or shoulder.

You can also warm the milk right in the feeding bottle to avoid exposing it to the outside where it might be contaminated with harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The measurable aspect on the bottle makes it possible for you to measure so you are accurate. This breast pump will easily express your milk fast so you are on your way to work in no time. It comes complete with a breast milk bottles, bottle lids, shoulder/ neck strap, as well as an AC adapter.

Why Should you Choose Bottles For Breastfeeding?

Right from the delivery of your baby, many mothers understand the benefits of breast milk . It is at this that many mothers are willing to do anything to ensure their babies are enjoying the benefits that come with breast milk as opposed to formula. In this, mothers are opting to express milk with the help of a breast pump and storing the milk so their babies can drink later when they are not around. However, it is best that mothers understand the best way to pump and store milk.

best bottles for breastfed babies

There are a number of options mothers explore for storing their milk and feeding their babies. While others opt to use feeding cups, others will go for feeding bottles. However, if you are looking to minimize on breastfeeding as you go back to work, it is best that you opt to start with a feeding bottle. The following are the reasons as to why breastfeeding bottles are a recommended option.

  • They are hygienic

Feeding bottles are designed in accordance to all safety standards. However, the reason they are hygienic is because they do not leave any openings exposed. Looking at the above reviews, it is evident that that fits just right with the breast pump so that the milk is not exposed to harmful microorganisms or bacteria. In addition, once a mother pumps the milk into the feeding bottle, it can also be used to store the milk so the need to constantly have to change feeding bottles does not arise.

  • They are more accepted as they resemble the breast nipple

Feeding bottles feature nipples from where the baby sucks the milk to feed. Some bottles are shaped just as a breast and this makes it readily acceptable as opposed to using cups or other alternatives. The feeding bottle nipples are designed from materials that will leave your baby comfortable. There are times when babies may refuse to drink from feeding bottles but this is only at the beginning as they can sense the difference. However, as compared to other feeding alternatives, using the feeding bottle will be more readily accepted with the unique resemblance they have to the breast.

  • They are convenient and efficient

Breastfeeding bottles are convenient and efficient as they can be your travel companion. This is because they are designed to be light n weight as well as come in a shape that will not occupy so much space. This is beneficial to both the mother and the child. The lightweight feature will get babies to start feeding themselves sooner and for the mother, they can carry them to any location. Some come with accessories such as designs and prints on the bottle to entertain your baby. Babies even at a young age can relate to color and prints. This attraction will draw your baby’s attention and will readily accept feeding through the bottle.

  • They resemble your baby’s pacifier

Initially, parents will buy their baby a pacifier to keep them busy. A bottle-feeding nipple will resemble the pacifier. It is however important that you use nipples that are of the same material such as that of the pacifier. For example, if the pacifier is made of latex, use latex bottle-feeding nipples. They resemble will help make the feeding adjustment simple for your baby.

Product User Guide

To use the breastfeeding bottles after expressing milk is not as complicated. The following guide will take you through the process.

  • Babies are sensitive and it is best to ensure that the equipment is clean. Remember that it is also important to sterilize it from time to time.
  • Before using the equipment, it is best that you wash your hands.
  • To pump milk, it is best that first assemble the equipment. Position the cup inserts over your breast ensuring you do not allow for air access.
  • Power the equipment and fill the feeding bottle with milk. However, you should nit overfill one bottle.
  • Switch off the breast pump and unplug for safety purposes.
  • To feed your baby from the bottle-feeder, place your baby in position before taking on the bottle. Slightly position your baby in a slanting position especially when he or she is still too young. This will prevent him or her from choking.
  • Direct the nipple to your baby’s mouth ensuring that it is also in a tilted position to allow for a gradual flow of the milk.
  • Be sure to hold the bottle in position rather than allowing it rest on your baby. This ensures your baby is safe and you will be able to monitor your baby’s drinking.
  • Ensure that the baby does not such in the whole nipple as this may chock him.
  • Anytime your baby seems to push it away, do not force him to take it in. Withdraw it and try again. Sometimes, it may just be that the baby is satisfied.
  • Once your baby is full, cover the nipple area to ensure cleanliness and store it away if there is some milk left. However, if the baby finished the milk, it is best that you immediately clean it and allows it to dry.

Maintenance guide and hygiene

best bottle for breastfed babiesBaby feeding bottles must be cleaned and sterilized to maintain your baby’s hygiene. The following will help you to care for your feeding bottle.

Cleaning Guidelines

A feeding bottle has a few parts. To clean, you need to wash your hands and disassemble the parts. Wash them in hot soapy water ensuring that you are using a mild detergent. No chemicals or abrasives allowed. Rinse the parts with hot water and allow them to air dry.

Sterilizing Guidelines

Sterilization is an important aspect to help keep away harmful bacteria and microorganisms that are harmful. Sterilize the pump parts and the baby’s feeding bottles. To do this, the following guide will help you.

– Pour in water as required
– Load the disassembled parts
– Close the box lid securely to prevent leaks
– Open the valve on the lid
– Place it in the microwave
– Sterilize according to the manufacturers provided instructions

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use a breast pump and a breastfeeding bottle?

It is advisable to use the two in an effort to boost hygiene as well as convenience.

How do I get my baby to accept a breastfeeding bottle?

Some babies do not readily accept a feeding bottle but you should introduce a feeding bottle gradually. Use tips such as using a bottle nipple similar to his pacifier or allow your baby play with the nipple to familiarize him with the presence of a bottle.

What are the benefits of using baby feeding bottles?

Baby feeding bottles are safe and hygienic for use when parents have to go to work . They are also convenient and efficient as travel companions when you are on the move with your baby.

Using bottles to feed your baby is an advisable way of ensuring that your baby feeds while at the same time ensuring that they remain healthy and safe. With the help of breast pumps, mothers are able to ensure that their babies benefit from breast milk even when they are away for work or running an errand. The best bottles for feeding will ensure safety and proper hygiene.